Everyone enjoyed himself at the wonderful concert laid on by Knebworth Community Chorus this Saturday. The Village Hall was full to bursting, and many mince pies were consumed. A fair volume of mulled wine was drunk too.

The children of St Michael’s, Woolmer Green School put on a wonderful performance of singing and playing their instruments: violins and flutes.

Merry Christmas!


Mods which relate to Knebworth

MM 283 - MM 296 are the relevant paragraphs. The Main Modifications will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet at a special meeting on Monday 10 December 2018.

Subject to their approval, consultation will then be held on the Main Modifications. This consultation will also provide the opportunity to comment on the additional work produced by the Council following the hearing sessions. Details of the consultation will be published on the NHDC website following the Cabinet meeting.

MM 285: “Transport Assessment to consider the cumulative impacts of sites KB1, KB2 and KB4 upon key junctions and rail crossing points for all users, including walkers and cyclists, and secure necessary mitigation or improvement measures;”

MM 286: “Approximately two hectares of land to the south of Gypsy Lane and adjoining the existing settlement reserved as an appropriate site for provision of 1FE Primary School”

MM 288: “Land north of Watton Road reserved for long-term secondary education”

MM 295: “Our transport modelling does not identify any specific mitigation scheme requirements for Knebworth. However, the high street, including the junction of Stevenage Road/London Road/Watton Road and Station Road, is a known pinch point, particularly when delays or incidents on the A1(M) result in the B197 being used as an alternate route between Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage. There are also issues of poor pedestrian/cycle access along Station Road under the railway line, and similar issues at Gun Lane and new development will be expected to consider improvements to walking/cycling conditions in these locations and make reasonable contributions to secure their delivery.”

From: Main Modifications page on NHDC website.

The European Parliament voted to burden every blog like this with an obligation to anticipate any possible copyright breach, even to the point of using the title of a title elsewhere. To my mind politicians do not understand the Internet and instinctively do the wrong thing.

This is what the EFF has to say:

Despite waves of calls and emails from European Internet users, the European Parliament today voted to accept the principle of a universal pre-emptive copyright filter for content-sharing sites, as well as the idea that news publishers should have the right to sue others for quoting news items online or even using their titles as links to articles. Out of all of the potential amendments offered that would fix or ameliorate the damage caused by these proposals, they voted for worst on offer.

Full article here.

The Saga Continues

The next meeting of the Planning Control Committee is due to meet on Thursday 20th Sept to review the reasons for refusal of the applicationto redevelop the station pub (ref. 17/01622/1).

The general idea is to simplify the reasons for refusal to avoid the appeal being decided by a public enquiry, a very expensive process for NHDC and for everyone else.
This is the link to the meeting agenda item.

The key document is the officers’s report, which recommends that:

  • Reason 1 (loss of pub) is retained, but related to the new version of the NPPF that is now in force, but a dependence on policy ETC7 (change of use of shops etc.) is dropped,

  • Reason 2 (cramped layout) is retained,

  • Reason 3 (inadequate parking) is dropped, on the grounds that Herts Highways had no objection the original application,

  • Reason 4 (noise and odour impacts) is dropped on the grounds that this can be mitigated in practice,

  • Reason 5 (lack of completed S106 Obligation) is dropped on the grounds that it is likely one will be in place by the time the appeal takes place,

where Reason 1 etc. are the reasons originally given by the Planning Control Committee in its decision on 19th April 2018.

There is a discussion about this on the SOS Pub Facebook Group.

Hello There!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I don’t go to NHDC meetings any longer - yay! - and it’s been the holiday season. The Parish Council continues, and we are in danger of going up to full strength, which is no mean feat. Graveley is struggling to be quorate, which has required NHDC to step in. Members of the PC regularly discover they have better things to do with their time, so if you fancy serving the community in this capacity, it’s always worth dropping a note to the Clerk to say that your’e interested.

The Station Pub is a big issue. The appeal has been submitted and the SOS Pub group are busily raising money and instructing experts to back up NHDC in its decision to reject the original application. Their Facebook Group has the latest twists in that saga which, unfortunately, might run and run.

The two NHDC members for Knebworth seem both very active on social media, particularly in the area of reporting of missed bins. It has to be said that NHDC did not exactly cover itself in glory over letting this new contract, especially as East Herts, which has the same contractor and a very similar service with the exception that it has universal brown bin collection, is experienced no difficulties, as far as I am aware.

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