Welcome to Steve Deakin-Davies, New NHDC Councillor for Knebworth

Following the local election for one of the NHDC seats for Knebworth ward in May, Steve Deakin-Davies was elected as a councillor. Steve enjoys living in Knebworth together with his partner and children, and has lived here for over 14 years having lived nearby previously for a similar length of time. Steve had previously been a Parish Councillor, and has been involved in a wide range of community activities, most recently with the Knebworth Festival when he ran a video and live performance night showcasing local talent. Steve is interested in helping young people get a start in life as entrepreneurs, and works as a lecturer and mentor at the University of Hertfordshire, helping set up and develop a range of businesses. Steve also has an interest in health matters, and previously work as a nurse at the Lister Hospital.

NHDC New Civic Year

The civic year for NHDC runs from May, following the local elections in Knebworth ward and a number of other NHDC seats. The new council will therefore have a different composition to the year just ended.

The Annual Meeting of the NHDC Council on 19th May is the first meeting of the new year, and includes appointment onto the various committees that make up the District Council, and the chairs and vice-chairs of the committee. Both Steve Deakin-Davies and I will be on the Southern Rural Committee, as this is the one that deals with matters relating to the villages in the south of the district, and will advise on which other(s) we will individually be on next month once the annual meeting has been held.

June will be a month with many activities, including the Knebworth Festival, and I am looking forward to going along to some of the events and will no doubt see some of you there.

NHDC Emerging Local Plan

The process of producing the new Local Plan for the North Herts District is progressing. The record number of over 8,000 responses to the Preferred Options consultation last year has meant that, despite long hours of work from the Planning Policy Officers, the consideration of the comments will take until the summer and Consultation on the Proposed Submission to the Secretary of State will follow thereafter. The formal submission is expected to be made in March 2017 according to the current timetable (Local Development Scheme).

There have been some suggestions that there will be a substantial increase in the housing allocation numbers in the Emerging Local Plan. It is the case that recent revised ONS figures suggest an increase, and it is also the case that the National Planning Policy Framework suggests that sites are identified in excess of the actual need to allow for some flexibility. It is expected that there will be more clarity on this in the next weeks.

As part of the Consultation, a number of new sites have been put forward for review by the officers. They are in the process of being evaluated against exactly the same criteria that were used to select the sites that were included in the Preferred Options consultation. In Knebworth itself, three additional sites have been put forward for consideration for inclusion in the Local Plan – see http://www.north-herts.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/local-plan-emerging-policy/draft-local-plan-2011-2031/local-plan-preferred (click on the text which reads “New sites 2015 (additional sites submitted since 2013)”). All are currently in the Green Belt, so this is, essentially, a suggestion that they be taken out of the Green Belt. On the document titled “NHDC Local Plan - New Sites 2015” these sites are numbered 334, 335 and 336. They are Cnebba’s Field, Old Knebworth, the land to the rear of Redwoods in Deards End Lane, and land east of Old Knebworth lane. The three sites would comprise 79 potential dwellings in all, but only if the sites are found to have met the criteria for inclusion. No decision on this have yet been made.

Knebworth GP Surgery

I am regularly asked about the status of the new GP surgery. As I understand it, a planning application is due to be made this month, assuming that the new arrangements for the Library are confirmed by HCC in a cabinet meeting scheduled for 28th April. I understand the impatience that people feel about this, but emphasise that NHDC is not responsible for the delays.

Thank you to retiring Councillor Alan Bardett

After serving as a District Councillor for over 14 years, Alan Bardett has decided to retire and therefore not seek re-election in this year’s elections. I would like to offer my great thanks to Alan for showing me the ropes and giving me advice when I was a new councillor only two years ago, as well as for all his efforts on behalf of our village over the many years of service.

Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday, 4th May

I will be attending the Annual Parish Meeting on 4th May. Please see the article from the Parish Council for more details.

Council Tax for 2016-17 – NHDC Budget

At the full North Herts District Council meeting on 11 Feb the Executive Member for Finance, Terry Hone, presented his budget for next year (Apr 2016 – Mar 2017) for the District, later than usual as central government took a long while to decide on the financial settlement for local councils. The settlement for NHDC is £871,000 of Revenue Support Grant for next year and after that zero, i.e. from April 2017 NHDC’s expenditure (net of income received) has to be provided 100% by local Council Tax Payers. NHDC is one of only 15 local authorities in England to be facing a zero revenue support grant, which reflects the relative prosperity of the residents of North Herts. However, as a result of the response to the consultation on the financial settlement to local authorities’ additional central government funding has been provided. A so-called Transition Grant has been awarded to NHDC to ease the move to zero RSG. This amounts to £285,000 in total and will be received over the next two civic years.

The budget for 201617 results in the District component of Council Tax being set at the equivalent of £211.96 for a Band D property, an increase of 1.9% over the current year. For a Band D property, the charge for the cost of services provided by NHDC is therefore 58p per day, or just over £4 per week; the increase is only 1.1p per day. The recommendation to adopt the budget received all party support at the council meeting.

Of course, your Council Tax bill includes elements to fund services provided by the County Council, the Police and the Parish Council, so your total Council Tax bill will be considerably greater.

District-Wide Survey

NHDC seeks to understand people’s satisfaction with the Council and its services. A North Herts District Wide Survey is a consultation exercise that takes place every two years. The survey consists of approximately 1,000 residents from across North Hertfordshire who are consulted via telephone interviews. These interviews are carried out by independent consultants.

The most recent survey was carried out in October and November last year. The report from this survey is expected to be presented to Cabinet next month, and will be available on the website from about mid-March.

As part of the District-Wide Survey new members of the Citizen’s Panel are selected. This is a group of residents who are regularly contacted about their views on Council performance, so that trends in satisfaction levels can be tracked on a more frequent basis than every two years.


December and January have seen extremely heavy rain falling, seemingly without respite. The consequences are that the gullies around the village have struggled to take the flow, and we have come perilously close to the flooding that was experienced in Orchard Way/Broom Grove a couple of years ago. Unfortunately a number of the graves in the NHDC Cemetery in Wadnall Way have been temporarily submerged. NHDC is aware of the problem and have taken steps to inspect the site with, as yet, no solution proposed.

Council Tax

The NHDC financial team are busy preparing a final budget for 2016-17. There are a number of uncertainties around the amount of money available from central taxation: the so called ‘Revenue Support Grant’. A number of decisions around this are scheduled to be made at Cabinet this month. It is likely that more efficiency savings will be made.

Syrian Refugees

The NHDC Cabinet decided in December that Syrian refugees Hertfordshire will be welcomed under the terms of a resettlement scheme recommended by the Home Office if they decide to come to North Herts. Full council voted, in November, to indicate to the Home Office that the District would be interested in helping fifty refugees to resettle here, in family groups, over the next five years, a total of ten individuals per year, possibly three or four families. The national scheme includes financial assistance to local authorities prepared to welcome refugees, who will be transported to the UK directly from camps in Syria or immediately neighbouring countries.

Application to redevelop the GP Surgery at 1 Stevenage Road

Negotiations are continuing to find a better building for the Knebworth and Marymead Medical Practice. I have had meetings with Stephen McPartland and Richard Thake to establish how to move forward on this problem. The owner of the existing surgery had submitted a planning application to redevelop the site, although this has now been withdrawn. The site currently occupied by Knebworth Library in St Martins Road is currently the preferred location. Plans have been produced to redevelop this site to become a building which can house both the library and the surgery.

Pondcroft Road, Milestone Road, Gun Lane Draft Traffic Regulation Order

I attended a meeting with Transport Officers at NHDC on 17th November. Both Cllr. Richard Thake and Cllr. Julian Cunningham, portfolio holder for Transport were present. We discussed preliminary proposals to further restrict parking on Watton Road and also a Traffic Regulation Order to create a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) covering Milestone Road and Pondcroft Road, which currently suffer from parking by commuters and both visitors and employees using the shops and offices in London Road. Our decision was to leave the parking arrangements in Watton Road unchanged, as there was too little support for the proposed changes, and to introduce the CPZ. A number of recommendations on relatively minor amendments to double yellow line positions in Station Road and Deanscroft were also accepted.

Norton Green Common

I am pleased to report that Knebworth Parish Council has entered into a Stewardship Agreement with Natural England for the management of Norton Green Common. This agreement comes with over seven hundred pounds of grants from Natural England to restore the Common to a good condition. However the work needs to be done and the subcommittee are looking for volunteers to do it! It is planned to hold a stall at the Christmas Fete to attract interest. It is hoped that two days of will be organised in the New Year when volunteers will be invited to work on clearance of the Common. For more information please contact the Clerk of the Parish Council. In addition to the grant from Natural England, now the Common is registered it is eligible for payments from the Rural Payments Agency. This would not have been possible without a lot of hard work on the part of Rosemary Pateman, Karen Robinson and the Clerk.

Local Plan

After a fairly tempestuous NHDC council meeting in the sports hall at the North Herts Leisure Centre in Letchworth, where over three hundred members of the public turned up, the council decided to agree to go to consultation on the current draft of the Local Plan. This plan is intended to shape development in the district up until 2031 (and in reality at least five years beyond this date). It is the biggest change to planning in the district since 1996. The plan includes forty two documents specifying policies on all aspects of development, and represents a huge effort on the part of the planning policy officers and the portfolio holder, David Levett. It includes a ‘Preferred Options’ document which list the sites which are most suitable for development, and therefore, in many cases, are proposed to be removed from the Green Belt. These sites include two which are in Knebworth, providing space for 411 homes and a new primary school.

The plan is available online on the NHDC website, and at Knebworth Library. The consultation period will have already started by the time you read this, and will continue until the first week of February. The Parish Council is a statutory consultee in this process, and will welcome your views. You may also send them direct to NHDC Planning Policy: just go to the ‘Current Policy and Projects Consultations’ page. The consultation process is a part of local democracy, and this is an important opportunity for you to have your say. I strongly encourage you to take part. I will ensure that any emails or letters I receive will be fed into the consultation process.