Extended Consultation

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The consultation period for the Main Modifications to the North Hertfordshire Local Plan 2011 2031 has been extended. The consultation period will now run until Thursday 11 April 2019. This letter clarifies that the consultation also provides the opportunity to respond to the new written evidence produced or submitted by the Council during the Examination. This includes, but is not limited to, the ‘homework’ that was submitted following the close of the hearing sessions. Any consultation responses which have already been received by the Council will be treated as being received within the consultation period. Anyone who has already responded can make additional comments during the extended consultation period if they wish.

The proposed Main Modifications are drafted to ensure that the policies set out in the Local Plan Proposed Submission Version and examined by the Inspector are sound. The schedule of Main Modifications is available to view:

  • on our website: www.north-herts.gov.uk/localplan http://www.north-herts.gov.uk/localplan;
  • at the Council Offices during normal opening hours; and
  • in the District’s libraries and at Stevenage Central, Stevenage Old Town and Luton Central libraries during their normal opening hours.

All of the documents submitted to the Examination by the Council since June 2017, on which comments are invited, are available to view at www.north-herts.gov.uk/examdocs http://www.north-herts.gov.uk/examdocs. They can also be viewed at the Council Offices during normal opening hours. A list of these documents is appended to this letter.

Our preferred method for accepting your representations is through our website. There are guidance notes to help use the software which are available on the website. You can also send representations by

  • email: local.plans@north-herts.gov.uk local.plans@north-herts.gov.uk; or
  • post: Strategic Planning and Projects Group, North Hertfordshire District Council, PO Box 10613, Nottingham, NG6 6DW.

Representations relating to the legality and soundness of the Main Modifications and comments on the new written evidence and documents that are submitted within the consultation period will be logged by the Council and will be forwarded to the Programme Officer for consideration by the Inspector. Please note that representations to the consultation will be made available for public inspection. Your name will be published on the Council\’s website and in publicly available documents once the consultation has closed. We will not publish addresses or email addresses. If you have any queries with regards to this consultation, or if you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please send an email to local.plans@north-herts.gov.uk local.plans@north-herts.gov.uk or call us on 01462 474531.

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