Herfordshire Year of Physical Activity

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Funding Fact Sheet

2018 will be the Year of Physical Activity in Hertfordshire – an initiative being led by Hertfordshire’s 10 District and Borough Councils, Public Health Hertfordshire and the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership. The year will be kicking off on January 1st.**

The aim of the project is to make Hertfordshire, England’s most active county and in doing so, help to shift some of the stubborn inactivity levels to be found across the county. Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity 2018 - HYOPA18 - will also enable us to shine a light on existing programmes and opportunities for our residents to get involved in physical activity and sport.

The project also offers an opportunity for existing organisations to develop new projects and programmes, which can be used to encourage more people in the county to be more active, more often.

Whilst there is no dedicated central funding pot to support such programmes, there are a number of potential funding streams which can be accessed to support those initiatives linked to the Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity 2018.

Each of the fund administrators has been notified about what we are trying to achieve and each has indicated that they will be receptive to appropriate, well-written bids which contribute to the HYOPA 18 outcomes.

Moreover, our funding partner, Richard Sutcliffe of Funding4Sport is available to offer advice on any such bids, and, where required, to formulate those bids on your behalf – subject to a small charge. Details of the support available from Funding4Sport can be found at http://www.sportinherts.org.uk/page/funding/funding-support-for-clubs/hsp-funding-offer-6523/

With 1 in 3 of our residents not meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s recommended levels of physical activity and around 1 in 5 (18.4%) doing less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week, we are facing a major challenge if we are to ensure that those residents can live long lives in good health, free from disability for as long as possible. We are calling on all organisations to be part of this exciting initiative.

Overleaf are details of those grant aid funding streams, which may be accessed to support what you are considering delivering, and should you wish to talk through any ideas please feel free to contact the HYOPA18 Project Coordinator Jane Parker on j.parker20@herts.ac.uk who will be pleased to offer advice and point you in the right direction.

Some useful funding streams…

Herts County Council Locality Budgets

The County Council through its commitment to localism is seeking to increase the opportunities for local councillors and communities to decide how money is spent in their community. Each elected member of the County Council has £10,000 to spend on worthwhile projects in their community that promote social, economic or environmental wellbeing. Physical activity projects have been supported in the past and proposals that can achieve local benefits may be well received.

Further details http://www.hertsdirect.org/your-council/localitybudgetscheme/membrlocalbdgt/

Sport England Small Grants - £300 - £10,000

Small Grants uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sport and become active

Further details: https://www.sportengland.org/funding/small-grants/.

Big Lottery Awards for All Small Grants programme £300 - £10,000

Awards for All is a small grants programme provided by the Big Lottery Fund with the aim of funding projects that will improve the quality of life for local communities.

Grants are available for voluntary and community groups, charities, not-for-profit organisations, and statutory bodies, including schools and town councils, to carry out projects.

Applications may be submitted at any time

Further details https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/england/awards-for-all-england

Podium Partners – Crowdfunding

The Herts Sports Partnership (HSP) and the Hertfordshire Sports Village have linked with Podium Partners to launch this new and innovative crowd-funding service for the benefit of those playing and involved in sport and physical activity in Hertfordshire.

Further details https://www.podiumpartners.org/

District and Borough Council’s Community Grants and Locality Budgets

Hertfordshire’s District and Borough Councils operate a range of community grants and locality fund programmes. Further Details of all of these, and area specific funds can be found in our Funding Matters Newsletter, with updates on a monthly basis. This can be accessed via the Herts Sports & Physical Activity Partnership’s website www.sportinherts.org.uk/funding

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